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Lance and Suzanne Lefler had a passion for reaching "non-churchy" people in the Hot Springs Village, Jessieville and Fountain Lake area. So they started Anchor in the Fall of 2021 with this very thing in mind.

Anchor is part of the Evangelical Free Church of America (

lance lefler

Lead Pastor

Lance's parents yanked him out of Canada as a kid and he grew up in sunny, Southern California. After planting a church in Long Beach, CA, and then pastoring a church in Mexico City, he ended up here in Hot Springs Village (it's a long story).

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What to expect

4 songs and a sermon. And a warm welcome. AND a church service that lasts less than an hour--or Lance will buy everyone pizza! We call this "Pizza on the Pastor" and, so far, we've only had to do it once.

older people

Some people think we're only about young people. Not true!

In reality, we desire a diverse church, where every age and ethnicity can interact and learn together.

younger people

Families and younger people are the future.

The younger generations are identifying with Christianity (or any religion) less and less. We seek to meet you where you are, give compelling reasons to consider the story of Jesus Christ.

even younger people

We love kids! We love punch-stained carpets!

There are 1,000+ school-age kids in the Village, and we plan to have them all attending Anchor!

That's why we are assembling so much "kid stuff" right now.


People who are besotted with God will sing. So we learn what we can from the Bible, then we sing our hearts out because God is more than worth it.

Service Information

We meet at 103 Ponferrada Way (campus of Christ Lutheran Church), Hot Springs Village.

Service Time

Every Sunday, 11:00am